Sewing With Patch


People will stare. Make it worth their while → Alexander McQueen | Pre-Fall ‘10-‘11


*wiggles excitedly*

I need to figure out how to pad the helmet and find some elastic for the jaw.
The bar is for my chin to rest on, and if I can make the elastic to work it will open the beak 8,D

Working on the jaw :>


Gonna buy some plaster and paint when I get to work -u-

Maybe some felt to line the helmet part too.

So far so good :D
Now to cover it all *u*

My or may not have started on a hooded crow gijinka…
Going to look into post apocalypse designs to incorporate into this *u*

Finished the major construction

Just need to sew on the sleeves cuffs and then lace it :X
Here’s to hoping it works this time…


This is my dwarf sewing pattern. No idea how the hell to read it. I can’t follow it at all. I’m new to sewing so…this is a forien concept to me. I just want to know how much fabric to buy. That’s it. I’m a M…so if I’m an M…how much fabric do I need for pattern B (which I will be modifying) jacket and pattern A’s vest thing?

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